Prof Don Schauder
Emiritus Professor of Information Management

Prof Don Schauder serves as the Chair of the Centre for Community
Networking Research (CCNR, Caulfield School of Information Technology, at Monash University). He is Professor of Information Management in Monash University's School of Information Management and Systems.

Don has been library director at the South African Library for the
Blind, the University of Natal; Prahran College of Advanced Education; Chisholm Institute of Technology; and RMIT University. He founded INFORMIT Electronic Publishing at RMIT, and was a co-founder of VICNET--Victoria's Network at the State Library of Victoria.

He has served on information policy committees under successive State Governments, including the Information Society Committee of the Premier's Taskforce on Multimedia. He has been a member of the Library Board of Victoria, Chair of its Library Network Committee. His teaching and research are focused on the development of information communities, products and services, and knowledge management environments that meet the needs of individuals, organisations and society.