Sanxing Cao
BCont Lab,
Communication University of China

Dr. Sanxing Cao (Sanko) is a researcher and graduate advisor in Communication University of China (CUC) based in Beijing, China. Since 2005, he works as director of the Broadband Content Technology Lab (BCont Lab) in CUC after he returned to China as visiting scientist to University of Westminster, London U.K., and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

He is experienced in media content management, intelligent information processing and CSCW, with about 40 papers published worldwide. He is in the editorial boards of a number of journals including Journal of CUC Science, TV and Broadcasting Focussing China, and Chinese Broadcasting Industry. He is also the Committee Member of a number conferences in international academia, including IEEE ICITA(2005), ISMOT(2004), CCNR(2006) International Workshop on Visual Information Processing(2006), and National Webcast Conference and the Cable Network Summit in China. Dr. Cao is among the few earliest Ph.Ds in Media Engineering in China.

Dr. Cao is committee member of Chinese Association of Press Technicians, the major government-organized institution of media scietists. He works mainly on the application research of multimedia technologies in the media industry.

Dr. Cao is the coordinative researcher of METIS Global Network's Media Research in Beijing. METIS Global Network is a Western-Asian collaborative research network on HCI, CSCW and Innovation with interdisciplinary participating researchers and teams from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Dr. Cao is also Project Lead in Chinese State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology in Nanjing University, working on Usage Pattern Mining in Massive Media Content Archiving and Storage.