Kamolrat Intaratat

Kamolrat Intaratat
Sukhothaithamathirat Opened University, Thailand

Kamolrat Intaratat is the Dean of Communication Arts Faculty, Sukhothaithamathirat Opened University, Parkret District, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, and since 2006 Director of the “Development Communication Knowledge Management Center : CCDKM ”, STOU.


Employment Background

1) Dean of the Faculty of Communication Arts, Sukhothaithamathirat Opened University, both for the Under-graduated and the Graduated Programs currently;

2) Director of the Research Centre of Communication and Development Knowledge Management ( www.CCDKM.org) currently;

3) Academic Chair : Thai Association of Communication Arts and Journalism, currently;

4) IPDC Academic Board ( International Program of Development Communication : UNESCO) currently;

5) Telecommunication Academic Board, Thailand currently;

6) E-Society board, Ministry of Information Communication and Technology currently;

7) Deputy Chair of the Academic Board of the Communication : UNESCO Thailand –2001 till currently;

8) Graduated Lecturer, Trainer, Researcher, and the Extension worker at the Extension and Training Office, and the Program of Development Communication, Agricultural Extension & Communication : Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University since 1991 up to 2004 as full time faculty member, then part time faculty member till currently; 9) Chair of Organizing Committee in Communication for Health: Academic of Health Communication Development, Thai Health Foundation - 2002 up to 2004; 10) Organizing Committee of the International Program : Kasetsart University – up to 2004;

11) Chair of Fundamental Integration Subject Committee : Arts of Livings: Kasetsart University – 2002 up to 2004

Researches & Development Activities

Some examples of researches have been done both from local to regional under the participatory R&D concepts as follow;

1) Educational Technology Consortium Model for the National Increasing Fundamental Education Program of Thailand.

2) Communication and Media Pattern for the National School Milk Program for the Primary Students of Thailand. (Joint Research Project among 4 main agencies : Mahidol University, the Office National Primary Education Committee, the Thailand Research Fund, and the local agencies) (published in the Thailand Research Fund Journal July, 1998-9)

3) Media Pattern for Transferring University Research Technology of Kasetsart University. (Published in Kasetsart University Journal, 1995-6)

4) Communication and Interagency Participation in the Sustainable Development of Royal Project in Thailand. (published in the Asian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture : Vol. 1, No.1, Jan-June1998)

5) Communication Pattern to Strengthening Interagency Participation for Community Development of Thailand: Case study of Trat Agro-Forestry Research Station,1999. (Proceeding in National Conference hosted by KU)

6) Community and Inter-Agencies Participatory Communication in Promoting the Integrated Management for the Sustainable Rehabilitation of Thailand Degraded Coastal Resources, 2000. (Under Professorial Chair Grant by SEARCA). (Proceeding International Conference hosted by SEARCA)

7) Training Agriculture Graduate Students in Farming System Research and Development for Better Understanding and Improved Sustainable Agriculture, 2001 (co-author). (Proceeding in International Conference hosted by APEAN & SEARCA)

8) Comparative study between Thailand and Malaysia in Community and Inter-Agencies Participatory Communication System in Promoting the Integrated Management for the Sustainable Rehabilitation of Degraded Coastal Resources. (Under Asia Fellow Program Grant : 2002-2003). (Proceeding in International Conference hosted by AFP)

9) The Communication System and Strategies Used for Community and Inter-agencies Participation in Transferring Knowledge and Technology in 4 Selected Empowered Rural Communities : Chainat, Phetchaburi, Janthaburi, and Rayong Provinces : 2002. (Under Thailand Research Fund) (Proceeding in National Conference hosted by Thailand Research Fund and Chulalongkorn University)

10) Community Social Impact Assessment of the Rural Tele Community Center : 3 pilot project in Thai rural areas : Lampang, Pitsanulok, and Burirum provinces. (Under NECTEC Grant : 2003). (Proceeding in National Conference hosted by NECTEC)

11) Synthesis Case Study on Gender Implications on ICT Rural TeleCenter Projects in Thailand : ICTs for Empowering Thai Rural Women in “Knowledge Society”. (under supported by Women in Development Division : FAO),2003. (Proceeding in ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India)

12) Public Relation (PR) Pattern for the Rural Community SME : Pattern study : 2003 : KURDI Grant) (co-author with Computer Sciences Department: KU). (Proceeding in KU Annual Academic Conference)

13) Development Broadcasting in Malaysia and Thailand : An Analysis of Concept and Strategies,2003 (co-author with UPM). (Proceeding in Multimedia Putrajaya, Malaysia, and in Mahidol University International Conference)

14) Roles of Agricultural Extension Policymakers in Agricultural Development of Cambodia, 2002 (co-author). (KU-Journal)

15) The Integration between the Small-holder Beef Cattle Group and the Large-Scale Farm for Commercial Production, 2002 (co-author). (KU-Journal)

16) Farmer Perception of the Present Extension System in Major Maize Growing Areas of the Southern Nations, Ethiopia, 2004 (co-author). (KU-Journal)

17) Impact Assessment of the Farmers’ Participatory Research : Under Farmers’ Perspectives of Participatory On-Farm Trails and Farmer Training, Ethiopia, 2004. (co-author). (KU-Journal)

18) Comparative Study between the Classroom-based and the E-Learning –base in the Fundamental Subject of Kasetsart University, Bkk, Thailand, 2004.

19) ICTs for Local Contents Development : Pilot in the 4 Active Community Tele-Centers of Thailand. (funded by IPDC : UNESCO : 2004-July 2005)

20) The R&D Study : ICTs for Home-worker Empowerment : Case of Thailand (Regional study among 3 countries : Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia) (funded by IDRC: subcontracted by MY e-Homeworker (NGO) (8 months of 2005)

21) Communication Campaign for the Non-Epidemic Diseases among the Youth of Thailand, 2006

22) Communication to Promote the Long Stay Tourism of Thailand, 2006

23) Comparative Study on the ODL System among the Asia Pacific, 2006

24) Comparative Study on the ODL System between UPOU and KU, 2006-2007.

25) The Situational Study of the Media Literacy in Thailand : Teacher Group : joint research between STOU & Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, 2006-2007.

26) Documentary Study : Development Communication for Agricultural Development in Thailand, 2006-2007

27) The Feasible Study of the PhD Program of Communication via the ODL System of STOU, 2006-2007

28) The Feasible Study of the Joint International Program “Agro Ecology” via the ODL System between STOU and ICRISAT, 2007

29) Telecentre R&D National Program : 2007-2008 -2009

30) ICT to Empower Thai & ASEAN Homeworkers : 2007-2008-2009

31) ICT4 U : ICT to Empowering the Marginal Groups in Thailand : 2008-2009

32) ICT 4 the Risked Youth Groups to Empower Human Security and Quaily of Life, 2009-2010;

33) ICT Research Policy for the National Research Council of Thailand : Policy Research, 2009