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IDIA2015 Conference Papers

Abrahams Omar
Jacques Ophoff
Gwamaka Mwalemba
Cloud Computing Adoption for Business Development: A TOE Perspective

Acevedo Ruiz Manuel
Ana Moreno Romero
Carlos Mataix Aldeanueva
ICT4D as the driver of Network Cooperation actors, connections and collaboration in the post-2015 international development landscape

Alawode OO
CO Anyaeche
O Osunade
Perception and Evaluation ES Education in University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Botha, Marna
Adele Botha
Marlien Herselman
Prioritized e-health data quality challenges: An application on the Tiered ART Monitoring Strategy

Chemisto, Musa
Ulrike Rivett
An Expose Review of Sector Coordination and ICTs in Multi-Stakeholder Environs of Uganda’s Rural Water Sector

Cristoferi Michele
Lorenzo Dalvit
An investigation into money-related mobile phone use in a South African rural community by

du Toit, Kirsten
Thomas Fogwill
Tami Maiwashe
Melanie van der Westhuizen
Refining binned aggregation of unevenly spaced , real-time data for visualisation and control

Engelbrecht Louis
Adele Botha
Designing a View for Visually Representing Information Coherence in a Document set

Esterhuyse, Maxine
Brenda Scholtz
Barriers to e-Learning in a Developing Country An Explorative Study

Furuholt Bjørn
Øystein Sæbø
Land Information System for Development (LIS4D): A Stakeholder Perspective

Garbutt, Malcolm
Lisa F Seymour
Enterprise Systems Competencies - Supplying the Skills – The Novice Practitioner Perspective

Gcora Nozibele
Amanda Gopeni
Mbali Tuswa
Tandi Lwoga
Wallace Chigona
The challenges rural women face in using Telecentres: The case of the Eastern Cape Province

Geldenhuys, Paul
Adele Botha
Thomas Fogwill
Johan van Zyl
Milani Wolmarans
Gaurang Tanna
Jaco Venter
Surel Aucamp
On the design of an electronic health patient registration system for South Africal

Ghosh, Ishita
Müge Haseki
Selina Mudavanhu
Jean-Paul Van Belle
A Critical Evaluation of Past IDIA Research: Lessons Learnt for IDIA and ICT4D Researchers

Haji, Haji Ali
Ulrike Rivett
Hussein Suleman
Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile graphic-based reminders to support treatment of tuberculosis patients

Hartley, Mogamat Kaashief
Lisa F Seymour
Key success factors for implementing Business Intelligence in South African public sector organisations

Herselman, Marlien
Thato Foko
Amos Nungu
Portin Ng’amba
Mwanajuma Mgeni
Scientific collaborations on Living Labs Some lessons learnt from South Africa and Tanzania

Letsie, Masupha
Salah Kabanda
Wallace Chigona
Domestication Of Mobile Devices In Economically Disadvantaged South African Families

Mahanga, Khadija M
Lisa F Seymour
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) teaching Challenges faced by Lecturers in Africa

Mtembo Washington
Sheryl Buckley
Education and skills for successful development information technology project in South Africa

Mulugeta, SS
Sheryl Buckley
Theoretical perspective E-Learning Challenges and Proposed Framework in Developing Countries

Mungai, Paul
Jean-Paul Van Belle
Sevilla Josep Candidate mechanisms that enable institutionalization of Open Data Initiatives

Niemand, Matthéus
Stella Ouma
Adele Botha
Developing a Conceptual Model for Receiving and Authenticating Digital Badges in a Resource Constrained Environment

Nkaelang, Boitumelo T
Sunday O Ojo
Victor W Mbarika
Towards a hybrid risk assessment model for microenterprise finance for the unbanked microenterprises in South Africa

Nyamaka, Admore Tutsirayi
Adele Botha
Judy Van Biljon
Exploring Challenges to Mobile Application Programming at a Private Higher Education Institution in Botswana

Osofisan, AO
O Olajide
O Osunade
Performance Analysis Of Students’ In The Esefa Short Course At University Of Ibadan

Pashapa, Tapfuma
Ulrike Rivett
The context of ICT4D and development in rural areas: a case study of South Africa

Pretorius, Correlie M.
Albertus, A.K. Buitendag
Darelle van Greunen Reflections on advocating visualization as part of an introductory programming course

Smuts Martin
Brenda Scholtz
Andre P. Calitz
Usability Guidelines for Designing Information Visualisation Tools for Novice Users

Wamicha, Elizabeth W
Lisa F Seymour
A higher education model for developing competencies for critical ERP implementation roles the case of Kenya

Weimann, Edda
Peter Weimann
Lessons learned from an Electronic Consultation in the South African Health Sector

Whale, Alyssa
Brenda Scholtz
A.P. Calitz
Components of e-Learning for Enterprise Systems’ Education in Developing Countries

Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike
Pietari Keskinen
Daniel G. Cabrero
Shambe Angula
Tom Ongwere
Shilumbe Chivuno-Kuria
Hedvig Mendonca
Rosalia Ngolo
ICTD within the Discourse of a Locally Situated Interaction: The Potential of Youth Engagement