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IDIA2012 Conference Papers

Steyn J, Kirlidog M (eds) 2012
Alleviating Digital Poverty with ICT innovation in emerging economies. Will ICT Rights make a difference?
IDIA2012 Conference Proceedings Beykent University, Istanbul, Turkey

Akther, Farzana; Georgsen, Marianne
The Roles of Intermediation and Knowledge Creation in Community Development in Rural Bangladesh: ICT as a Tool rather than a Goal in Access to Information
Paper (PDF)

Alampay, Erwin; Alampay, Liane; Raza
ICTs and Connectedness in Families of Filipino Migrant Workers
Paper (PDF)

Alkinani, Al
Wireless Hospital Applications
Paper (PDF)

Baquete, Evaristo Florentina; Meisalo, Veijo; Sutinen, Erkki
ICT for Citizens’ Awareness of Environmental Decisions
Paper (PDF)

Chipangura, Baldreck; van Biljon, Judy; Botha, Adele
The digital difference between traditional informat ion provision and students expectations in developing countries
Paper (PDF)

Harpur, Patricia-Ann; de Villiers, Ruth
Can mobile technology reduce the Digital Divide? A study in a South African tertiary education context
Paper (PDF)

Jha, Anand Kumar
User Centered process for evolving framework of digital tools for marginalized communities in India
Paper (PDF)

Iqbal, Muhammad; Muhammad, Bello; Akadal, Emre; Alsadi, Mohamme d; Alshaikh, Mohanad; Sabimbona, Serges; Gülseçen, Sevinç
An Overview on ICT Development in Turkey, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa
Paper (PDF)

Kinyondo, Josephat; van Biljon, Judy; Gerber, Aurona
The potential role of open source software in overc oming digital poverty
Paper (PDF)

Kirlidog, Melih; Uckan, Ozgur; Fidaner, Isik Baris
Deep Packet Inspection and Its Social Implications
Paper (PDF)

Ngonzi, Tibuhinda
Town Sharing Lessons for the Review of ICT4D Concepts in Developing Countries of Africa
Paper (PDF)

Nkaelang, Boitumelo Tshegofatso; Ojo, Sunday O; Mbarika, Victor Wacham
A Mobile payment services in South Africa: Providing secure financial services to the poor
Paper (PDF)

Nyandoro, Colin Moses
ICT Enabled Collaborative Business Environments: A useful tool for extending digital opportunities to rural based SMEs in Namibia
Paper (PDF)

Pade-Khene, Caroline
Assessing ICT4D Project Design: A Programme Theory Assessment of the Siyakhula Living Lab
Paper (PDF)

Singh, Deepa; Mehta, Dhaumya; Tanwar, Sachin; Joshi, Anirudha; Anuj, Dev
Technology Adoption amongst educated non tech-savvy users in India: Motivations, Hurdles & Behavioural Patterns
Paper (PDF)

Smit, Imelda; Du Plessis, Linda Alida WhatsApp in Social Networking, MXit with BB Messaging:- Can social networking sites be used to enhance learning?
Paper (PDF)

Tyukala, Mkhululi; Pottas, Dalenca; Korpela, Mikko
Revisiting an Age-Old African Participatory Approach: The Rebirth of Imbizo
Paper (PDF)

van der Vyver, Abraham Gert; Rajapakse, Jayantha; Intaratat, Kamolrat
A critical analysis of telecentre operational models in three countries
Paper (PDF)

van der Vyver, Charles
Effects of imprecise weighting on the water poverty index
Paper (PDF)

van der Vyver, Charles; Zeeman, Malie
ICT Perceptions of Female Non-ICT First Year Students in South Africa
Paper (PDF)

Wayi, Ntombovuyo; Magda H. Huisman
An Actor- Network Theory based approach for Designing Rural Community based Information Systems in South Africa