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IDIA2014 Conference
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
3-4 November 2014

A Gap Model for Environmental Information Management in an African Higher Education Institution

Brenda Scholtz
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
South Africa

Blessing Jonamu
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
University South Africa

Andre Calitz
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
University South Africa

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The increase in awareness of social and environmental responsibilities has led Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to invest in their role of developing inclusive communities. HEIs are increasing environmental sustainability awareness by monitoring and managing their environmental impact and involving communities in sustainability efforts and thus developing an inclusive community. The relatively low adoption of the concept of environmental sustainability in African HEIs is due to a number of factors such as problems with data access and quality of information. This paper investigates best practices for environmental information management and data centralisation in HEIs and analyses some of the AS-IS processes relating to environmental information management at a South African HEI. The paper proposes a model for addressing the gap between the existing AS-IS and the desired TO-BE environmental information processes in HEIs. The application of the model can improve environmental information management and reporting to the HEI community. This can in turn raise the environmental awareness of students, staff and external stakeholders of the institution and they can take action to reduce their contribution to the negative environmental impact of the institution.

Key words

Environmental sustainability, inclusive communities.