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3-4 November 2014

The Mediating Effect of Task-Technology Fit on mHealth Tool Use and Community Health Worker Performance in the Kenyan Context

Maradona Gatara
Jason F Cohen

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Community Health Workers (CHW’s) are often the only link to healthcare for millions of people in the developing world. They represent the most immediate and cost effective way to save lives and improve healthcare in their respective communities. The advent of mobile technologies is indicative of the potential to support CHWs in monitoring and evaluation, disease surveillance, and point-of-care diagnostics. There is growing interest in supporting CHW’s at the point-of-care through the application of mobile-health or mHealth platforms. Despite the promise of these technologies, there is a lack of substantive evidence regarding the impacts of mHealth tools on healthcare service delivery and whether the mobile technologies are adequately designed to fit with the intended healthcare service tasks, thereby enhancing CHW workflow efficiencies. The purpose of this paper is to address this gap. In particular, the study aims to (i) determine a relevant set of dimensions along which to evaluate healthcare service task characteristics and mHealth technology characteristics, and (ii) use these dimensions to theorize and test a task-technology fit model to predict mHealth tool use and subsequent CHW performance. This analysis would provide needed evidence of the importance of fit between CHW tasks and mHealth technology characteristics for enabling mHealth to impact on CHW performance in the Kenyan context.

Key words

mHealth, Task-Technology Fit, Use, CHW Performance