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Port Elizabeth, South Africa
3-4 November 2014

Enabling Intra-Community and Inter-Community Support in Lean Societies

Laurie Butgereit
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
South Africa

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Communities in developing societies are often in need of support in terms of obtaining knowledge and information. Sometimes this support comes from outside the community (inter-community support) and sometimes this support comes from within the community (intra-community support). Inter-community support happens when one community of people assists another community of people. Intra-community support happens when a community helps itself. An example of inter-community support would be a community of health care workers which assists a community in a specific physical location. An example of intra-community support would be a community of teachers who assist each other in understanding new curricula. The open source project Communities on Fire enables both inter-community and intra-community support via synchronous collaboration using a brandable and configurable Android application. This project was instantiated for both an inter-community support project (in the case of mathematics tutoring) and an intra-community support project (in the case of a mutual support study group for PhD students). The results of these two instantiations are present in this paper and will be of interest to researchers wanting to provide knowledge and information to communities.

Key words

inter-community, intra-community, support