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IDIA2013 Conference
Bangkok, Thailand
1-3 November 2013

Abbas, Faizah Jummai
Van der Vyver, Abraham Gert
Marais, Mario Alphonso
A Critical Analysis Of The Uses and Gratifications Experienced By South African Users Of The Digital Doorway
Baduza, Gugulethu
Pade-Khene, Caroline
Towards a Needs-ICTD Strategy Alignment Framework
David, Salomão
Sabiescu, Amalia G
Cantoni, Lorenzo
Co-design with Communities. A Reflection on the Literature
Krauss, Kirstin E.M. Practice-driven theory: Using Bourdieu’s critical lineage in ICT4D work
Nyamarebvu, Chenai Caroline
Van Belle, Jean-Paul
Communication Needs and ICT Usage of Low Income, Long Distance Migrants Living in Cape Town
Pancham, Jay
Millham, Richard
Singh, Prenitha
A Validated Model for Operational Monitoring of Telecentres’ Activities in a Developing Country
Pucciarelli, Marta
Sabiescu, Amalia G.
Cantoni, Lorenzo
What do we know about Douala? Access to information in and about the largest Cameroonian city
Van der Vyver, Abraham Gert
Intaratat, Kamolrat
An integrated approach towards ICT4D
Van Dyk, Tobie
Gelderblom, Helene
Renaud, Karen
Van Biljon, Judy
Mobile Phones for the Elderly: a design framework
Van Greunen, Darelle Using ICT as a smart enabler of socio economic development
Vannini, Sara
Rega, Isabella
Sala, Simone
Cantoni, Lorenzo
Reasons of non-use: a study on Mozambican telecentres
Van Zyl, Izak
Vannini, Sara
Participatory re-action: reflecting on a Design-Based Research approach in ICT4D
Veldsman, Alida
Van Greunen, Darelle
Challenges and lessons learnt from community interventions – the ‘People Side’