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7th IDIA Conference - IDIA2013

Bangkok, Thailand
1-3 November 2013

Reasons of non-use: a study on Mozambican telecentres

Sara Vannini
Isabella Rega
Simone Sala
Lorenzo Cantoni

Full paper (PDF)


This paper presents an in-depth analysis of the reasons why people in Mozambique do not access the telecentre component of their local Community Multimedia Centers (CMCs). Based on 229 semi-structured interviews with different local stakeholders in 10 different provinces, and on 328 questionnaires, the analysis allows to depict four main reasons: two of them are related to the respondents: (i) distance, or lack of time and money, and (ii) relevance for them; the other two are related to the telecentre itself: (iii) its lack of competitiveness in front of other strategies to access ICTs and the Internet, and (iv) its limited services or service quality, including a lack of communication of its services to the community. An exploration of demographic attributes among non-users is presented, with specific regards to gender, age group and education level. Actions performed at CMC on behalf of respondents were also investigated, to characterize the linkages with local infomediaries. Furthermore, an in-depth analysis of reasons for non-use was elaborated, highlighting distribution rates of motivations for non-using telecentres’ services. Finally, respondents were profiled in terms of access to technology and the Internet, including the identification of their preferred channels of access.