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6th IDIA Conference Program

IDIA2012 Conference
Istanbul, Turkey
6-7 September 2012

Alleviating Digital Poverty with ICT innovation in emerging economies. Will ICT Rights make a difference?

Steyn, J., Kirlidog, M. (eds.) 2012. Alleviating Digital Poverty with ICT innovation in emerging economies. Will ICT Rights make a difference? IDIA2012 Conference Proceedings. Beykent University Publishing Number 89 (Istanbul).
ISBN 978-975-6319-17-8

The following content of the Proceedings is available online:

Thursday 6 September 2012

  8:00   8:30 Registration and Tea
  8.30 - 8:40 Welcome, by Conference Chair
        Chair Sudhanshu Rai
Copenhagen Business School
  8:40 - 9:20 Keynote Address
    A critical assessment of M4D and Development 2.0
        Chrisanthi Avgerou London School of Economics
        Session 1  
        Session Chair Sudhanshu Rai
  9:20   9:50  
1.1   The potential role of open source software in overcoming digital poverty
        Josephat Kinyondo
Judy van Biljon
Aurona Gerber
University of South Africa
University of South Africa
CSIR, South Africa
  9:50   10:20    
1.2   Assessing ICT4D Project Design: A Programme Theory Assessment of the Siyakhula Living Lab
        Caroline Pade-Khene Rhodes University, South Africa
  10:20   10:50    
1.3   Mobile payment services in South Africa: Providing secure financial services to the poor
        Boitumelo Nkaelang
Sunday Ojo
Victor Mbarika
Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa
Southern University
  10:50 - 11.00 Refreshments
        Session 2  
        Session Chair Graeme Johanson
Monash University
  11.00 - 11.30  
2.1   Effects of imprecise weighting on the water poverty index
        Charles van der Vyver North-West University
South Africa
  11.30   12:00  
2.2   Sharing Lessons for the Review of ICT4D Concepts in Developing Countries of Africa
        Tibuhinda Ngonzi University of Cape Town
  12:00   12:30    
2.3   Revisiting an Age-Old African Participatory Approach: The Rebirth of Imbizo
        Mkhululi Tyukala
Dalenca Pottas
Mikko Korpela
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,South Africa
University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland
  12:30 - 13:15 Lunch
        Session 3  
        Session Chair: Erwin Alampay
University of the Philippines
  13:15 - 13:45    
3.1   WhatsApp in Social Networking, MXit with BB Messaging: Can social networking sites be used to enhance learning?
        Imelda Smit
Linda du plessis
North-West University
South Africa
  13:45   14:15    
3.2   The digital difference between traditional information provision and students expectations in developing countries
        Baldreck Chipangura
Judy van Biljon
Adele Botha
University of South Africa
  14:15   14:45    
3.3   Wireless Hospital Applications
        Ali Alkinani Tatratec Medical Corp.
Saudi Arabia
  14:45   15:15    
3.4   Can mobile technology reduce the Digital Divide? A study in a South African tertiary education context
        Patricia-Ann Harpur
Ruth de Villiers
University of South Africa
  15:15 - 15:30 Refreshments
        Session 4  
        Session Chair:  
  15:30   16:00  
4.1   ICT Enabled Collaborative Business Environments: A useful tool for extending digital opportunities to rural based SMEs in Namibia
        Colin Nyandoro Polytechnic of Namibia
  16:00   16:30    
4.2   An Overview on ICT Development in Turkey, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa
        Iqbal, Muhammad
Muhammad, Bello
Akadal, Emre
Alsadi, Mohammed
Alshaikh, Mohanad
Sabimbona, Serges
Gülseçen, Sevinç
Istanbul University
        Open Session  
  16:30   17:30    
    Notes from the field: the state of affairs of ICT4D
        Participation from the floor  
Jacques Steyn
Graeme Johanson
Monash University

Friday 7 September 2012

  8:30   9:00 Refreshments
  9.00 - 9.10 Housekeeping
        Chair Melih Kirlidog
  9.10 - 10.00 Keynote Address
    Turkish Internet : A look back for governance and developmental Informatics
        Mustafa Akgül Bilkent University/Internet Techologies Association Ankara, Turkey
        Session 5  
        Session Chair Judy van Biljon
University of South Africa
  10.00   10:30  
5.1   Evaluating the impact of mobile phones on the well-being of blind micro-entrepreneurs in Indonesia
        Misita Anwar
Graeme Johanson
Monash University
5.2 10:30   11:00    
    A critical analysis of telecentre operational models in three countries
        Abraham Van der Vyver
Jayantha Rajapakse
Kamolrat Intaratat
Monash University South Africa
Monash University Malaysia
Sukhothaithamathirat Open University, Thailand
  11.00 - 11.15 Refreshments
        Session 6  
        Session Chair  
  11.15 - 11:45  
6.1   Deep Packet Inspection and its Social Implications
        Melih Kirlidog
Ozgur Uckan
Isik Baris Fidaner
Marmara University, Turkey
Bilgi University, Turkey
Bogazici University, Turkey
  11:45   12:15  
6.2   ICTs and Connectedness in Families of Filipino Migrant Workers
        Erwin Alampay
Liane Alampay
Khane Raza
University of the Philippines
Ateneo de Manila University
University of the Philippines
  12:15   12:45    
6.3   ICT for Citizens’ Awareness of Environmental Decisions
        Evaristo Baquete
Veijo Meisalo
Erkki Sutinen
Ministry of Science and Technology, Mozambique
University of Helsinki
University of Eastern Finland
  12:45 - 13:30 Lunch
        Session 7  
  13:30 - 14:30 Session Chair:  
7.1   Workshop
    ICT Rights and Counter Trends in Turkey: Digital Surveillance Getting Diversified
  14:30 - 15:00    
7.2   ICT Perceptions of Female Non-ICT First Year Students in South Africa
        Malie Zeeman
Charles van der Vyver
North-West University
South Africa
  15:00   15:30    
7.3   The Roles of Intermediation and Knowledge Creation in Community Development in Rural Bangladesh: ICT as a Tool rather than a Goal in Access to Information
        Farzana Akther
Marianne Georgsen
Aalborg University Denmark
  15:30 - 15:45 Refreshments
        Session 8  
        Session Chair:  
  15:45   16:15  
8.1   An Actor- Network Theory based approach for Designing Rural Community based Information Systems in South Africa
        Ntombovuyo Wayi
MH Huisman
University of Fort Hare, South Africa
  16:15   16:45    
8.2   Technology Adoption amongst educated non tech-savvy users in India: Motivations, Hurdles & Behavioural Patterns
        Singh, Deepak
Mehta, Dhaumya
Tanwar, Sachin
Joshi, Anirudha
Anuj, Dev
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
        Conference Dinner